This Is Your Life: Alice Middleton McDougall
Premiere:   June 13, 1956
Host:   Ralph Edwards
Network:   NBC-TV
Guests   Notes
Milton Berle   Former TIYL Principal Subject the previous week {YLN197}; that show ran long so he returned to finish - goes into audience with Ralph, does surprise
Ruth Cosgrove   
(Mrs. Milton) Berle  
Wife of Milton Berle, returned with him to finish before subject's "Life" begins
Gertrude Brocklebank   Niece (orphaned child of brother William killed in 1914); subject has sent food and clothing over the years to help out - brought from England; they had never met
Marion Rice   
(Mrs. James) Coleman  
Subject was her nursemaid as a child in Seattle WA (left job to take Lusitania to England) - hadn't seen in 40 years
Col. John D. Craig   Friend, author, deep sea diver, producer of TV's "Kingdom of the Sea" - his research determined it was Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt who had given his life jacket to subject (she hadn't known; read his article, contacted him) - has to leave for his own TV show, on in 8 minutes
David Immerman   Artist, revealed with portrait of Berle's mother
Captain John I. Lewis   Friend, was Third Navigation Officer on the Lusitania in 1915; saw subject come aboard as last passenger on ship
George McDougall   Husband, wed 5/29/1917 - seated with subject in audience; assists surprise and joins her on stage
Hector McDougall   Son, born 3/9/1919
Dr. John O'Connor   Via film from Cobh, Ireland - was the doctor who took care of her after the sinking
Eugene Williams   Past president of the L.A. Adventurers Club; assists surprise (seated with subject in audience)