This Is Your Life: Charlton Heston
Premiere:   February 26, 1981
Host:   Ralph Edwards/David Frost
Network:   NBC-TV
Guests   Notes
David Bradley   Produced first film in which subject appeared at age 16 (16mm silent version of "Peer Gynt")
Yakima Canutt   Academy Award winning stunt coordinator, did "Ben Hur"
Frazier Heston   Son, screenwriter on "Mountain Men"
Holly Heston   Daughter (adopted)
Lilla Heston   Mother
Lydia Heston   Wife of 37 years
Alvina Krause   Acting Teacher at Northwestern University (via videotape)
Walter Seltzer   Producer; did several films together ("Ben Hur", "Will Penny")
Jack Valenti   President of the Motion Picture Association of America
Orson Welles   Legendary movie director and actor
Dr. L. J. "Jolly" West   Best friend; Chairman of the Psychiatry Department at UCLA