This Is Your Life: Brig. General Charles "Chuck" Yeager
Premiere:   October 01, 1983
Host:   Joe Campanella
Network:   Syndication
Guests   Notes
Col. Clarence "Bud" Anderson   Close friend, served together since World War II
Pansy Cummings   Sister
Sharon Yeager Flick   Daughter (with unnamed grandson)
Gerald Ford   Via videotape - President of the United States
Richard Frost   Conducted ground school for first supersonic test flight (Bell X-1)
William "O'Bee" O'Brien   Friend from World War II
Donald Yeager   Son
(Mrs. Charles) Yeager  
Wife of 38 years (he named all his planes "Glamorous Glennis")
Michael Yeager   Son (with two unnamed grandsons and unnamed granddaughter)
Susan Yeager   Daughter
Hal Yeager, Jr.   Brother